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Daily Requirements

Needs vary according to the lifestyle of the dog; work dogs, show dogs, sled dogs etc require much higher levels of daily calories than a house dog with little exercise.

Learn to read your dog, at the beginning weigh your dog regularly until you can just look or feel and know the requirements;  needs change with the seasons.  There is also a big variation in meat, meat/fat, between beef, mutton, chicken and horsemeat.  Chicken, already ground up and sold in frozen packets is not as good as say chicken pieces, chicken necks or backs, with meat fat and skin as close to the natural food the dog or cat would obtain for his or herself, try chicken necks to begin with.  Only buy your meat from a reliable source, check that it is in fact chicken (as in young bird).

While many nutritionists believe that the meat meal and cereal/vegetable meal should be separated, our adult dogs have always done well on one feed a day.  It may take a little time for your dog to begin to digest the food properly, depending on how processed the diet has been, we suggest that you try just adding a little Tukkathyme with hot water to the old diet for a few days.  Some dogs like the Tukkathyme almost dry, others especially in the winter, like it soaked and warm.  Cooking is not required.

As in nature, these things all come from variety in the diet, the required vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrate and fat is obtained, as it is with humans and other animals, providing the approximate levels as suggested on the labels are maintained.  In nature, all of these things were gathered over a period of time - not every nutrient is in every mouthful of food.  Some bone (raw and natural) is recommended each week, a few drops of olive, safflower or flax oil every few days is also good.  The carrot, watercress and greens are dehydrated weekly for freshness and only quality herbs and ingredients are used.  All our food is packaged fresh weekly or to order.

Tukkathyme must be fed with quality protein - as a guide, feed approximately one third Tukkathyme to two-thirds raw meat - meat being the usual form of protein for dogs and cats.  Feed chicken, beef, beef/mutton mix - raw - minced chicken and whole necks and backs - mutton flaps, beef bones with meat on, or cottage cheese, yoghurt, raw eggs (especially the yolk!) or fish. 

This diet can also be fed to cats - cats require a higher level of meat protein in the diet and we also recommend that cats are fed some offal meat once or twice a week, lambs fry or heart or chicken livers are good, feed with Tukkathyme.

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